Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simply Opus 137 (part one)

C. B. Fisk held an open house at their workshop in Gloucester
on November 13, 2010 to celebrate the work on Opus 137, a two-manual,
32-stop organ for The Parish of Christ Church in Andover, Massachusetts.

Each organ begins as a scale model of the organ in its building.
This is a scale model of the organ in the balcony at Parish of Christ Church.

Ingots of lead and tin used to make the pipes of the organ.

The ingots are melted and mixed according to required
specifications for the desired tonal qualities.

Once melted, the molten metal is ladled into the tipping pot where it is stirred and cooled until the temperature is just right. Then the liquid metal is poured from the tipping pot into the wooden box and spread across the length of the table to form one long sheet of tapered metal.

After cooling, the sheet is rolled up and marked for stock to make pipes.

A view of the back of Opus 137 of some of the finished pipes.

Simply Opus 137 (part one)

Visit Simply Opus 137 (part two) for the rest of the story.

More information can be found at the C. B Fisk web site.


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