Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simply A Katama Home (continued)

It had been over 10 years since our last visit to Martha's Vineyard.
One thing that all noticed was the increased amount of traffic.
There just appeared to be much more of it than we remembered.
The worst of it appeared to be in Oak Bluffs where at times, one could
spend over 30 minutes hunting for a parking spot and still not succeed.
The roads between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown were often in gridlock
which is a word that should not need to be used on Martha's Vineyard.

The home we stayed in was located further out in Edgartown in an area called Katama.
The traffic out here was much lighter, especially in the early hours of the morning
when the only traffic consisted of cyclists and an occasional jogger.

Here are a few pictures taken during one morning's walk.
An early morning Katama sunrise.

The Right Fork Diner and the Katama Airfield.

Flowers along the back roads of Katama.

The Herring Creek Farm in Katama.

Simply A Katama Home (continued)

Simply A Katama Home

Where on Cape Ann is Katama?
Alright, this posting does not include Cape Ann images,
however, there were Cape Ann people involved.
Just a few photos of a recent family trip to Martha's Vineyard.

The flowers and plantings around the Katama home were in full bloom.

The pool area provided plenty of shade and sunlight.
Many an hour were spent relaxing by this pool,
whether it be dipping in the pool to cool down from the hot July days,
or peering above at the shapes forming in the summer clouds,
or reading summer novels (how does he read with his eyes shut?).

.... to be continued

Simply A Katama Home

Monday, July 13, 2015

Simply A Stacy Evening

Summer evenings have arrived at Stacy Boulevard in Gloucester.
An evening stroll along the boulevard can truly lift the soul.

You may find some in deep thought, staring into the sea,

or you may find happy families, laughing and telling stories.

The Fishermen's Wives Memorial is beautiful, especially at dusk,

as flowers bloom nearby.

Many are walking their canine companions,

although you may wonder who is leading whom.

The bocce game can go on longer with the right equipment!

Simply A Stacy Evening

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Simply Independence Day

Images from a stroll in Stage Fort Park and along
Stacy Boulevard on Independence Day 2015.

The Antonio Gentile Bandstand

A view of downtown Gloucester from Stage Fort Park

Flags Along Stacy Boulevard

The "Little" Lighthouse

Harbor View

The Merchant Mariners Anchor

Simply Independence Day

Monday, February 9, 2015

Simply More Snow

Another Monday
Another Snowstorm

When visiting Labrador last summer, a friend told me that once you have spent some time in Labrador, Labrador never leaves you. I guess not!

Simply More Snow

Simply For The Birds

Just a few weeks ago when many on Cape Ann were saying
that this had been an easy winter so far.....
A few birds stopping by on New Year's Day.

Simply For The Birds