Sunday, October 3, 2010

Simply A Rose

One of the last summer roses left in the garden.
The cold evenings have set in and the bush will go dormant soon.

My Love Is Like A Rose
Written by Katy Schepis

Heavenly Father created the rose for us.
It represents beauty.
Its petals represents the gentle feelings we have for each other.
Its leaves represents the outstretched arms, loving and giving.
Its roots grow long and deep, gaining strength in every length and depth.
I give this rose to you, for you are special to me.

Each time you look at a rose, remember you are special to me.
Whenever you catch its fragrance floating in a gentle breeze,
remember you are special to me.
If you should hold the rose in your hands and feel the strength in the stem,
remember you are feeling the strength of my heart.
If you should dig in the sweet earth our Father in Heaven gave us,
remember you are seeing the depth of my heart.

As you embark on your journey that will take you far from me,
remember you are taking half of my heart with you.
Hold a rose gentle to your heart, remember you are holding me.
Every night as you gaze up in joyous prayer, remember as you think of me.
One star under the same velvet sky is ours, remember it's the same for me.
Until the time you return my heart, remember I am waiting for thee.
Keep the rose and my heart, remember bring them back to me.

For My Friend.

Simply A Rose



~Venus said...

This is so completely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it...~♥•~

~Venus said...

This is so beautiful.. Thank you for sharing it...~♥•~