Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simply Early

Early in the morning after Earl flew by.

The sky is blue and a good breeze blows through the city.

Morning colors at the Coast Guard Station.

One sailboat looking for a race.

With the wind that was blowing today,
it would have been a perfect day for racing.

A very sleepy morning.

All stacked up.
No ticket here for "double parking"!

Masts in the distance.

Simply Early


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Anonymous said...

Your pictures remind me of the Berkeley Marina where I hang out to view the scene and take walks and on rare occasions fly kites if sailboats can sail surely the kites will fly. Simply Cape Ann alright I will remember that name. Nerves Galore is one of my blogs about online chess but in one of my blogs I should write about sailboats and the wind that moves them out and cools me off.