Sunday, August 8, 2010

Simply Musical!

Sunday night in Rockport means it's time to strike up the band,
And that means the Rockport Legion Band!

Tonight's program featured music from Gershwin, Erickson,
Jewell, Richard Rogers, and naturally a few Sousa marches.

Add in a polka, some ragtime, and even a Puccini for good measure.

This evening, Steve Thomas was at the helm.

The Wanderer Polka featured Jason Howard on trumpet.

To be as good as the Rockport Legion Band,
you need to build on a good, solid base.

A band for all generations of listeners.

Simply Musical

Check out the Rockport Legion Band next time you're in Rockport.



S.C. said...

Fantastic pictures Joel! I'm glad you came and enjoyed the music.

Anonymous said...

What a great treat for the residents of and the vistors to the North Short Area! Not many communities can boast entertainment of this caliber in a volunteer organization. I urge everyone to check them out and enjoy the music!