Friday, August 1, 2008

Simply Waving

The wind was just right last evening as a front quickly moved through.
It set all the flags on the boulevard into a patriotic dance, waving to all the passerbys.

It makes you want to stand up and salute!

Simply moving!



Anonymous said...

Your blog is "simply wonderful!" It is becoming a welcome addition to my everyday routines. Please keep up the great work!

CapeAnnBeholder said...

Thanks for the encouraging words!


Peter Todd said...

Reflections of our Flag

The stars of night glitter bright
As each day is changed by the tides
To gaze upon our vast twilight
With loved ones by our side
The white of the moon peeking through the cloud
While the crickets sing their song
It can really make a person proud
Of this country where we all belong
To see our flags in the cool nights breeze
Can cause your heart to skip a beat
Reflecting our memories of all who've died
Our gratitude shall never cease
So treasure this our Free Nation
The cost of it has been so great
Remember Life is of God's creation
Unto his heaven is our fate