Saturday, August 9, 2008

Simply Peaceful

The rain has finally stopped for this week. Well, at least for a short time anyway. So, off we went for a walk with the dog in the woods of the Tompson Street Reservation in West Gloucester. Although it was only midday, we headed towards Sunset Mountain.

The top of Sunset Mountain provided quite a panorama of Cape Ann. Downtown Gloucester looked so far away. As has been the norm this week, when we reached the summit, the clouds began to roll in.

The rock down below was starting to look very good to our dog. It's nice and flat, in the sun and could be a good spot for a snooze!

The clouds began to look a little more foreboding. We started the trek back down the path.

On the way back, we happened upon a lone birch tree, just trying to hold its own.

The path led us to a solemn walkway through Jacob Cemetery, a quiet, final resting place.

The rain passed by us and the day turned quite sunny. We will plan on reaching the summit again someday just to watch a sunset. For more information about the Tompson Street Reservation, as well as other properties around Cape Ann, visit the Essex County Greenbelt Association website.

Simply peaceful.



goodmorninggloucester said...

Thanks for taking me someplace I've never been.

Just added you to the GMG Blogroll.

Nice work!

C_A_B said...

My thanks to you. Your blog is one of my inspirations. Cape Ann is chock-a-block with these hidden gems.

Jim M said...

" Cape Ann is chock-a-block with these hidden gems" No truer words were ever spoken! Thanks for the beauty.

Peter Todd said...

Jacobs Resting
In fields of somber stones
There lies West Gloucester heritage
For it is their wisdom we must atone
For all the hidden beauty to find
Such as the animals of God's kingdom
The natural carress of love defind
West Gloucester and its secrets
Not even in Library books to see
Stories both true and fable
Of the men and women that kept us free
Stones now imbedded in earth
To mark each resting place
Names once etched yet now erased
Only the memory in the loved to search