Thursday, August 21, 2008

Simply Not Looking Hard Enough

Something about the cool snap in the air the last few days set me off to thinking about all those times I was forced to write a "What I did on my summer vacation" paper. I never liked writing those papers when I was growing up, mainly because I never really did anything during the summers.

I didn't grow up on Cape Ann, and the beach was a long (in those days) 40 minute drive away. My family and I didn't travel much and most of our family vacations entailed being stuck in a cabin somewhere in New Hampshire during a rainy week in August.

For the longest time, once I started working, I refused to take vacations in August because I "knew" it would rain that week. (It didn't scar me too much, eh?) By the way, this year I forgot and took a week off in August. If you look back over the weather reports for August, you should be able to pick out the week I was off!

Enough of my whining.

A second reason why I decided to put together this list is I overheard two teens talking while I was downtown this week. As some teens are apt to do, they were complaining that there was "nothing to do around here". As my tribute to them, and since I start most of my days watching the sunrise in my rear view mirror (sounds like a title to a country song "Watching the Sunrise in My Rear View Mirror"), here's a small list of the things I found to to do this summer.

  1. Went to the beach ... Good Harbor, Wingaersheek, and even Crane's.

  2. Looked for seaglass ... along Pavilion Beach and Niles.

  3. Walked in Ravenswood Park a few times.

  4. Walked in the Tompson Street Reservation.

  5. Went to the Sidewalk Bazaar.

  6. Went to the Premier Ultimate Gloucester Block Party. (May there be many more!)

  7. Went boating (not enough... never enough).

  8. Went kayaking in the Essex River for the first time (kayaking).

  9. Stopped in at the Farmer's Market and Harbor Loop Concerts.

  10. Went to a couple of the Rockport Legion Band Concerts. Okay. Went to 6 of them and the final one is scheduled for Sunday, August 24th. (shameless plug)

  11. Watched a few baseball games at Boudreau and Wilson and parts of some softball games out at Plum Cove.

  12. Particpated in one or two bike races. I only say "particpated" since I happened to try to drive down Washington Street towards Lanesville at the wrong time and got stuck in a race. (Driving along this road on a normal day can be a challenge but add a few cyclists and then it really becomes interesting.)

  13. Went to a couple of church fairs.

  14. Ate some really good, fresh corn from local farmers.

  15. Ate one really bad lobster roll.... It was from Maine and looked very different from the one that the "Phantom" reviewed. Note to GMG. It had lettuce on it also!

  16. The list goes on and could include the customary events such as Fiesta and 4th of July....

All in all, despite the rainy weather, it wasn't that bad of a summer. Next time you hear someone from Cape Ann saying that "there's nothing to do", tell them that they are ......

Simply Not Looking Hard Enough!


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