Sunday, August 3, 2008

Simply Moving

A small warning.

This note won't be as light-hearted as my other posts and some will even wonder why I chose to write this on a blog dedicated to "simple, good things in and around Cape Ann".

I stopped in at the Sawyer Free Library a couple of weeks back. I was looking for just another quick, summer read but just couldn't find anything to draw me in. I checked out the paperback racks, the new fiction books and even the new non-fictions. I'm sure you all been there. Surrounded by books at either a library or a bookstore and can't find anything. You know, "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink".

On a whim, I popped up to the second floor (or is it really the third) and started flipping through the "Summer Reading Lists".

{Simply Note #1: It's not unique to Cape Ann but one of the benefits of having a place like the Sawyer Free Library is that they do publish the summer reading lists for Gloucester schools, as well as for other surrounding towns. Also, since the library often has multiple copies of each book (and some of the students decide NOT to use the library or read), you can often find the interesting books still available. Simply Enticing!}

I saw a few on the list which looked like they could be good reads, found them still on the shelves and flipped though them a bit. I decided not to try to borrow one -- some innate guilt, I'm sure, since they are marked for students only and I would have to stretch the truth a little bit.

I left the library empty-handed.

A day or so later, I happen to stop in The Bookstore on Main Street.

{Simply Note #2: The Bookstore of Gloucester is truly a gem of a book store. They may not have the overwhelming selection that some of the larger book stores do but I have very rarely ever left there without buying a book or three! It's one of those places where I often have to decide which books NOT to get (this time). Simply Always Inviting.}

While in The Bookstore, I noticed three of the books which I had been contemplating at the library (and naturally, bought all three).

I just finished one of them and although it was a very quick read, being listed as a "Young Adult" novel found it still very enthralling. The book was written by Janet Ruth Young, a Gloucester author and is titled The Opposite of Music. Her website describes the book in this manner...

Billy Morrison's father was the kind of dad a guy dreams of having. When Billy wanted a bike, his dad helped him restore a classic to perfection. When Billy said he wanted to be a songwriter, his dad taught him to sing the blues.

But his dad just isn't the same man anymore. Mr. Morrison doesn't eat, barely talks, and even refuses to listen to his favorite records. His depression is slowly crippling his family. And to save his father, Billy will have to face decisions almost too frightening to consider.

The Opposite of Music is a powerful and realistic debut novel about the lengths a family will go to in order to save one of their own, and the strength it takes to learn to ask for help. What would you do for the ones you love?

Janet Young truly captured the emotions, thoughts and actions of those living with someone dealing with depression. Often, the hopelessness (helplessness?) was extremely true-to-life. Anyone that has lived in or around depression will be able to relate to Billy's story very easily.

The feeling of isolation that the young Billy experienced as he pulled away from friends and activities so that he could help take care of his father was very palpable. Depression is still one of those illnesses that is not easily discussed with family or friends and Ms. Young nailed it to a "T" when describing Billy's feelings about his father and his hesitance in telling his friends.

Simply a good read. Support your local authors.


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goodmorninggloucester said...

I'd actually be afraid to read it.

It might make me face my fears and I just don't have time for that.