Saturday, August 2, 2008

Simply Bizarre

The Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar opened its doors (or I should say, "closed the street") this week for the 50th year! Many of the local retailers were running specials, and were joined by some of the local food establishments whom were offering their delectable delights.

Local artists and artisans showed their talents, along with jugglers, guitar players, a sax man, jazz and dixieland bands, the GHS drama club, a slew of political groups and candidates. There were even some dancers and snakes! (But no snake dancers!)

That's when it happened.

The whole street just went to the dogs.

Some dogs would rather be fishing!

She claimed it was a dog. What a croc(k)!

The dogs just moved in and took over. There goes the bazaar!

Luckily, the Navy arrived and two sailors got it all back under control.

Can I go home now? I need a quiet place to nap! I live such a a dog's life.

Simply bizarre happenings at the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar.


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