Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Simply Rainy

The Story of Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster
Went to Gloucester
In a shower of rain.
He stepped in a puddle
Right up to his middle
And never went there again!

Okay. Different Gloucester.
How about this one?

A Grey Day by William Vaughn Moody

Grey drizzling mists the moorlands drape,
Rain whitens the dead sea,
From headland dim to sullen cape
Grey sails creep wearily.
I know not how that merchantman
Has found the heart; but 'tis her plan
Seaward her endless course to shape.

Unreal as insects that appall
A drunkard's peevish brain,
O'er the grey deep the dories crawl,
Four-legged, with rowers twain:
Midgets and minims of the earth,
Across old ocean's vasty girth
Toiling--heroic, comical!

I wonder how that merchant's crew
Have ever found the will!
I wonder what the fishers do
To keep them toiling still!
I wonder how the heart of man
Has patience to live out its span,
Or wait until its dreams come true.

Give this one a read from Peter Todd!

Little Child

Little child walk with me
Let me show you a gift from God
It is our since time birth
Heaven's skies and earths green sod
Please take my hand walk by my side
Through God's wonders we will stride
Look to the mountains so high above
Behold all the colors of the rainbows love
Miles of beaches of golden sands
The mighty ocean abiding its hand
The sprinkling of rain helping the flowers grow
Stretched afar on our earth below
The churches some small others large with steeples
In my prayers to be filled with many people
My child this is your gift from God above
Treasure this knowledge,this my message of true love

Simply Damp and Wet (Again!)


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