Sunday, August 22, 2010

Simply Tradition

A sense of community.
A sense of belonging.

August in Lanesville means it's time for the annual
yard sale at St. Paul Lutheran Church.

It's a neighborhood event which has been occurring for 39 years!

Some folks plan their vacations around it in order to
visit friends and family from years gone by.

The crowds were down in numbers a little bit this year.
The economy even affects church yard sales.
There were, however, folks lined up waiting for the start.

It looks like the Hafeys are planning their shopping
trip through the toys section!

The Silent Auction Table is still setting up.

Ding! Ding! Ding!
The yard sale has begun!

Looks like a few folks are racing to get to
all the bargains.


Look! Could it be?
Yes, It's Steve Thomas of the Rockport Legion Band.
There is still a couple of concerts left this summer season.
Check out the Rockport Legion Band Page for more information.

A tip of the hat to you too!

The fabrics table was busy most of the day.

There were bargains galore at the White Elephant Table.
The meaning of "white elephant" doesn't really match the bargains here!

Simply Tradition (to be continued!)

See Simply Tradition (Part 2) for more fun and excitement!


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