Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simply Painting Lanesville

They say that it's something about the sunlight.

Others claim it's the softness of the colors contrasting
with the harshness of the the granite.

Some just enjoy the ever-changing vistas.

Cape Ann is well-known for its artists and art history.

If I could paint, here is what some of my paintings might look like.

Click on each image to see the digital photo and then an "artist's rendition".

It was a peaceful morning in Lanesville.

As you can see, it was a very low tide.

Why not stop by and look at some of the works of real artists?

One interesting spot is the Cape Ann Museum
located at 27 Pleasant Street in Gloucester.

Or perhaps, you can visit the studios of the Cape Ann Artisans.

If you prefer to read about famous Cape Ann artists,
Artists of Cape Ann: A 150 Year Tradition by Kristian Davies
might whet your interest.

Simply Painting Lanesville


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Anonymous said...

C.A.B. I like the new look on your blog site--and of course, really like the Lanesville photos. The tide does get very low in Lane's Cove, and my dog and I like to walk out to the very edge when it's very low--always interesting for the inquisite hound. Your pictures are beautiful, as always. A.