Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Simply Glimpses

It was still early on Saturday morning and yet I found myself out on the roads of Gloucester while others were still sleeping. There are spots all over the city where you have the opportunity to get small glimpses, almost teasingly of beauty. During the rush of the day, many will just drive or walk right by and not even notice. Here are just a few glimpses from my early morning trip.

Looking down Hancock Street towards the harbor. The streets are empty.

Yes, it really is 6:10 in the morning! For much nicer photos of city hall, check out Jay Albert's Cape Ann Images including views from inside the tower!

A glimpse of the houses reflecting in Lobster Cove. I'll need to spend more time to catch pictures here.

One more picture of Lobster Cove. The boats are peeking out from behind the trees.

Daybreak In The Summer
A Japanese Hokku

A lovely morn! The summer night is gone;
How hushed and still is all the world
In wonder at the dawn.

Simply Glimpses


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