Saturday, October 4, 2008

Simply An Autumn Day At The Beach

The weather this past week has not been very nice. Each day, the weather reports called for a "sunny day ..... tomorrow". It took until late on Friday for the clouds to really break. Once it did, there was that slight snap in the air, the snap of autumn.

Even the sky had started to change from the summer hues to the fall palette.

The dogs were back playing and running on the beach, reclaiming their turf after being banished all summer. Look at this happy face.

The grasses on the dunes are preparing for their winter slumber.

It won't be long now. Look at this tree.

Early autumn at the beach is one of my favorite times.

Simply An Autumn Day At The Beach!


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Kalesy said...

Georgeous photoS! Each season brings such beauty to our wonderful town. Thanks for sharing.