Monday, September 20, 2010

Simply Passing Through

The Cut Bridge opens up just after high tide.

Three powerboats wait in Gloucester Harbor.

Boats coming down the Annisquam River have rights.

First boat through is Stephen Hall's Columbine out of Manchester.

Nice and smooth. Barely a ripple.

Dog Star is up next pushing against the current.

It can be a fine line between not using enough
power to push through the current and too much
leaving a mess for the boats following you.

Dog Star did it well.
Not too much slop left behind.

Surf Rider is next in line.

Looks like they named this boat right!

Churned things up quite a bit.

Now the Grady White comes through and not only has
to fight the current but also now has to contend
with rolling waves left behind Surf Rider!

Need a quick, last minute correction and then the Grady is through.

Simply Passing Through


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