Saturday, July 31, 2010

Simply A Cruise (Part 1)

Friday evening was a perfect evening for the Thacher Island Association's Annual Lighthouse Cruise. We boarded the Hurricane II at Cape Ann Whale Watch and traveled around the Cape to the mouth of the Annisquam River and back again.

Along the way, Jeremy D'Entremont, lighthouse expert and author, educated us all about the history and lore of Cape Ann's lighthouses.

Here are a few of the images along the way. It was a beautiful night for a sail as can be seen.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Past the Paint factory.....

There's the Lannon on the other side of the island.

Here's our first lighthouse. Ten Pound Island Light. We didn't spend very much time here. Mostly a quick stop and a spin so that people on both sides of the boat could view the lighthouse.

Approaching Eastern Point Lighthouse.

The history of Eastern Point Lighthouse is quite interesting.

The cruise will continue over the next few days. More information on the lighthouses of Cape Ann and New England can be found on the Jerry D'Entremont's website.

Information on the
Thacher Island Association and their activities is also online.

Simply A Cruise (to be continued)!


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