Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Annisquam

It's that time again. A melancholy time. We took the last boat ride of the season up the Annisquam River on Saturday. Add to that the Red Sox loss on Sunday and all are thinking "wait 'til next year".

Simply Annisquam


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Peter Todd said...

Annisqaum Village

Peter A. Todd

Its winding roads at the rivers bend
With the many historic homes along its way
The many blooming flowers and the wind to send
The perfumed scent of nature to the soul to convey
The twisting river as it spills out into the ocean
Village children laughing and playing along its banks
Tourists partaking of its arts and the emotion
Of which we have our Father of creation to thank
The tree lined roads of Oak and Elm’s
With the playful squirrel jumping from limb to limb
God’s blessing of the Faith born sparrows
The Village Church and its parishioners within
The hustle and bustle of elders and youth
Each Villager tending to their crafts
Proud to abide in inlet of the inherited roots
Of their founding fathers of years long past