Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Simply Neighborly

Okay. I admit it. This post is not about Cape Ann.

However, I found myself recently in Ogunquit, Maine on a small daytrip. A walk along the Marginal Way reminded me a little bit of Gloucester's back shore or possibly Shore Road in Magnolia.

In a neighborly way, I'll share pictures from a town just to the north of us.

These next two pictures show just a small piece of the path and benches along the Marginal Way. Many of the benches had plaques listing people whom had contributed to the upkeep and maintenance of the path and were placed in such a way as to allow you to sit quietly and gaze out onto the ocean.

Perhaps this is something that the community in Gloucester could investigate for its coastal paths. There are only a few public places in Gloucester for sitting and reflecting by the ocean (excluding the beaches, naturally).

The craggy shore and twisted cedar trees.

A distant boat sailing past the coast.

Simply Neighborly


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