Saturday, July 18, 2009

Simply Surfing Fun!

More pictures from Good Harbor Beach on the first "real summer" weekend of this year.

Surfing Waves

I step in to the water
With my swimsuit on and my surfing board in my hand
I start with a simple paddle
Waiting patiently for the waves to start
Here comes one, a good one to start with
I paddle faster, and this time I am headed towards it
It’s here! I rapidly stand up and am in the tube of water
The tube is starting to fade I have to get out!
The exit is a little far about a meter or two
I get my courage together and head out
Crash! The wave collapse behind me
I head to shore, and lie on the warm sand
A little afterwards I look up and shout
“Here comes another one!”
I rise for the sand and into the water
To have a thrilling ride again

Simply Surfing Fun!


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