Friday, May 1, 2009

Simply Wing On Wing

For as long as there are boaters, there will always be the discussion of sailboats versus powerboats. Although I currently drive a powerboat, I'd rather be sailing.

One of my sailing mentors often stated it this way.

A powerboat will get you there in a hurry. With a sailboat, you are already there.

When sailing, you cannot make the wind blow or change its direction. You can, however, just as in life, adjust your sails to help get you where you are going.

With a powerboat, you often control the boat. With a sailboat, you become part of the boat.

Simply Wing On Wing


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Peter Todd said...

Whispers in the winds

Vision if you will an eagle in flight
As the sun rises from the East
Or the reflection of our flag
Flying free by mornings light
A treasure for the soul to feast
As the young sparrow lands on its perch
A reflection of God's great love