Thursday, March 26, 2009

Simply The Back Shore

In his book entitled The Gloucester Guide: A Stroll Through Place And Time, Joseph E. Garland wrote this description of the Back Shore of Gloucester.

The whole of what the settlers called Eastern Point appears to have been a forest when they found it. After it was cut over, most of the Point from Brace Cove to Bass Rocks --- the Back Shore --- went to common pasture and seems never again to have reverted to timber. ... Before that the Back Shore was all wild and moorish and useless except for fowling, berrying, fishing for striped bass, taking stones for ballast and watching the seas, and now and then a vessel, crash on the rocks.

It doesn't look like much has changed!

For a copy of Mr. Garland's book, please visit your local bookstore and request a copy. One of my favorites is The Bookstore of Gloucester.

Simply The Back Shore


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Peter Todd said...

Whispers in the wind

Vision if you will an eagle in flight
Or the reflection of the incoming tide
A seagull flying freely at dawns light
A treasure for the soul to feast
The baby sparrow's first landing on it perch
A reflection of God's great love
The winter wind bending forest clear
With the seeds of life growing in faith
Whispers,silint whispers
Natures breath needs to bare
The desires of my soulful being
My mind wants and seeks to share