Thursday, November 6, 2008

Simply Martin's Dream

The election cycle is over for this year, although I have already started to see hints of it starting up again. I know that the end of elections always results in one side feeling elated and while the other feels dejected. In the past, however, each side tended to be more civil towards each other, most likely because sharing an opinion or expressing a view required doing it in person. This has not been as true during the last few elections.

One of the advantages that the Internet and blogs provide is the ability to quickly and easily share opinions. However, this is also one its detriments. A number of the local blogs that I read are now being filled with postings from gloating winners and sore losers. There continues to be much vitriol and name-calling expressed on both sides. I sincerely doubt that this would be the case if the posters were speaking in person. Although, if they were discussing the issues over a cup of coffee, I would hope that the cups had lids on to prevent undue splashings!

Please do not take this in any manner as a suggestion that access or opinion sharing should be restricted or controlled. I believe highly in the "switch the channel" mode of operating. If you do not like what you are hearing, reading or watching, change the channel, turn the TV / radio off, go to a different blog, etc.

I find myself doing that today. Skipping blogs and websites. Looking for something to read or hear that I've missed or overlooked.

Today, when jumping around some of the Cape Ann websites and blogs, I landed in Peter Todd land. I've mentioned Peter's poetry in the past but had missed this one. I hope you enjoy it.

Colors United Martin’s Dream
By Peter Todd

We search for colors to see
Such as the ocean’s and the hue of Liberty
There is still one outstanding color
That represents life and humans such as we
That of the color of blood Jesus shed
On that dark day that represents inhumanity
We see the color of purple its stature grand
Within the color Yellow of earths sand
Brown, Black, Red and Tan in Martin’s dream
United skins of colors of our Creator’s land
You see Martin dream is God’s reality
For all of his children bleed the same as he
Our Savior died on Faith’s Calvary’s tree
Lift up your voices high and pray to the Lord
Martin’s dream in truth reveals
Hatred of indifference is of the Devil’s sword
Poetry is the Vision of the Soul through the spirit of one’s soul

Simply Martin's Dream


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