Saturday, September 6, 2008

Simply Summer Fading Away

Early evening on Labor Day, we travelled down to Good Harbor. It had been a great weekend and we thought we could use "one more walk" on the beach before the unofficial end of summer.

We weren't alone. For a summer that seemed to start and stop many times this year, there were quite a few people still hanging out at the beach, trying to catch that last little bit of summer.

The waves weren't great that evening, although a few were out trying to catch them.

It was dead low tide, which allowed us to walk all the way to Salt Island. A number of people were up on the island taking in the vistas. Here's a look towards the twin lights from the island side.

The end of summer. The end of the day. A boat at rest off the island.

A wide shot as the sun starts to set and the day fades away.

Here's a few "summer colors" caught on this last day of summer. They'll soon be replaced by the autumn ones.

One last look as we leave for the evening.

Simply Summer....Fading Away.


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